Wearables: enhancing or exploiting our personal data?

Posted by Zack Rutherford |28 Jul 15 |

Wearables have the ability to add context, record memories, and gather data at a moment’s notice. They are also capable of tracking more private data than ever before. Are they enhancing our lives or exploiting them?

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15 Ethereal Examples of Ghost Buttons in Action

Posted by Zack Rutherford |12 May 15 |

May 12, 2015

Web designers, it would seem, “ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” More specifically, they seem quite fond of the transparent buttons which bear the haunter’s namesake, and the sudden explosion of immaterial outlines across a number of high profile, aesthetic-heavy websites makes a compelling case for their use. The name of the game for this trend is aesthetic appeal. Perhaps a counterintuitive emphasis, since these buttons stunningly eye catching while simultaneously aloof. Moreover, their use usually accompanies some intense design know-how.

In the gallery below, you’ll find animations, interactive elements, full-page ambient video, luxurious hero imagery, and a defacto outline of everything you can do with negative space. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of design firm home pages contained on display….read more
By Zack Rutherford