Strategic Service Design on the Fly

Posted by Tiffany Chow |08 Apr 15 |

April 8, 2015

I was recently a part of a strategy group for a service design engagement that lasted for roughly eight weeks. Our agency’s purpose was to define the product we were selling for our client, determine its human and technical resourcing and infrastructure, and articulate how to enter into the current market.

I turned to various popular books on service design to help me shape my approach, but most of these books dealt with documenting and improving upon a service for a well-defined product. In my case, I had no tangible product, just an idea, which vastly changed the types of deliverables I was able to create and what to emphasize within them. For example, instead of delving deeply into a set of functionalities, I honed in on major interactions between actors to reveal business needs and considerations and how decisions between actors impact each other.

My solution was to adapt currently existing deliverables in…read more
By Tiffany Chow