Deconstructing the Human Interaction

Posted by Shanon Marks |31 Aug 15 |

August 31, 2015

Humans have spent a long time creating and improving upon technology that allows them to remove the human element from daily interactions. Purchasing, banking, grocery shopping, learning—name it, and it can be done without interacting with another person along the way.

This replacement of humans with software has, in many cases, brought about incredible convenience: Banking can be done 24/7, and people can buy nearly anything with the push of a button while sitting on their couches. But this automation is merely the beginning. For developers and UX designers, the true revolution will be when the humanity creeps back into computer interactions.

Don’t Turn Humans Into Data-Entry Robots

Today, most human-computer interactions are glorified data entry. A more critical view suggests that the commerce and retail giants of the digital age are getting free labor with every click, search, and checkout. They’re making a…read more
By Shanon Marks