Why Web Design is Dead

Posted by Sergio Nouvel |08 Jun 15 |

June 8, 2015

Web design is (finally!) dying of irrelevance. Web pages themselves are no longer the center of the Internet experience, which is why designers need to move on to the next challenges—products and ecosystems—if they want to stay relevant.

Web design has no future—a risky statement I know, but this article explains why it has no future and what we, as designers, can do about it. As a discipline, web design has already exhausted its possibilities, an emerging combination of tech and cultural trends highlight the need for a broader approach.

Let’s start with the symptoms of this inminent death.

Symptom 1: Commoditization by Templates

Most of the content that you see on the web today is run by some framework or service—WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, you name it. Frameworks provide you a foundation and shortcuts so you spend less time struggling with the creation of a web site, and more time creating content.

As a consequence of the ubiquity of these…read more
By Sergio Nouvel


More Thoughts on Why Web Design is Dead

Posted by Sergio Nouvel |04 Aug 15 |

August 4, 2015

My recent article declaring Web Design “dead” spurred lots of comments and some really interesting reply posts (one, two, and three) which I absolutely encourage you to read.

The counterarguments in these posts and in other comments from readers can be summarized in the following four ideas:

  • We still need lots and lots of Web design. Poorly designed sites are the norm, and people are currently using these sites, on desktops, tablets and mobile. Few businesses can afford to get away without having a Web page. Most Web pages are still not responsive. So how can someone declare Web design as…read more
    By Sergio Nouvel