Why You Need to Fail to Succeed

Posted by Sebastian Sabouné |09 Dec 15 |

December 9, 2015

Everyone working in innovation knows that failure is key in the innovation process. We know it’s important to fail fast, fail often and the value that failure brings to the products we are making.

But what happens when you are part of a team and your failure impacts someone else’s work? How can failure and constructive feedback become an integral part of a design team’s culture? It can be hard to learn and grow when all we want to hear is the “good” feedback, not that we have to start from scratch.

How can you encourage a good team culture where failure drives creativity and personal growth? Even in agile software development—where open feedback, iteration and “retrospective” sessions after each development cycle are commonplace—how do we make sure failure is not a stigma on a day-to-day basis?

Establish everyone’s commitment

First and foremost, you need to clarify everyone’s commitment in the design team.  This is not about roles and responsibilities—it’s…read more
By Sebastian Sabouné