Web Design is NOT Dead, You’re Just Talking About it Wrong

Posted by Nick Dank |13 Jul 15 |

July 13, 2015

I recently read an article by Sergio Nouvel, titled “Why Web Design is Dead,” in which he argues … well, basically the article does what it says on the tin. That is to say Sergio articulates why, in his opinion, web design is no longer something that designers should be concerned with. Here’s a quick breakdown of his argument:

  1. The pursuit of web design has no future, and designers need to move on to more important challenges. He goes on to explain why.
  2. Premade templates offer good (enough) design for most people/small businesses that it’s possible to get a decent website built for cheap/free.
  3. There is (little to) no further innovation possible in web design. A direct quote: “Trying to get creative at this point will probably be pointless or even harmful.”
  4. Automated tools and AI can make websites better than…read more
    By Nick Dank