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Posted by Matthew Kammerer |11 Jan 15 |

Name (Required) [text* your-name] Email Address (Required) [email* email] Message (Required) [textarea* comment] [submit id:submit class:button “Send”] Contributing Author: [your-name] [your-name] From: [your-name] Subject: The UX Booth Contact Form Message Body: [comment] — This e-mail was sent from the contribute form on UX Booth (, [your-subject] [your-name] […]

Join UX Booth as an Editor

Posted by Matthew Kammerer |11 Jan 15 |

Are you a UX professional with strong writing skills? Do you enjoy reading the latest news and finding the newest trends? Are you a self-starter with 5 hours a week to devote to a new endeavor? You might be the UX Booth contributing editor we’re looking for. Position: UX Booth Contributing Editor Pay: $300 monthly […]