Simplify Your Projects by Using a UX Checklist

Posted by Joseph Dickerson |24 Aug 15 |

August 24, 2015

One of the more interesting things I’ve been able to do in my career is establishing a user experience team’s design process. Obviously, there are standard phases and steps all UX processes share—some form of discovery and research, iteration, documentation, etc.—but how you approach these phases, how much time and “weight” you apply to each part of the design journey, is challenging to define.

No design checklist survives contact with the client

A key decision I made, and the most impactful thing about the process I set up, was to implement a checklist. Checklists are helpful, simple, and give everyone an easy-to-understand baseline of what steps are involved along the way.

Checklists allow team members to start with something: a simple task list that can be extended or revised as needed. This lets people protract the process as much as much as…read more
By Joseph Dickerson