From Design Thinking to Design Doing:An excerpt from Well Designed outlines a powerful design process

Posted by Jon Kolko |03 Mar 15 |

March 3, 2015

It’s hard to imagine a world without the simplicity of the iPad. But just a few short years ago, the clocks on our VCRs blinked the unset time, reminding all of us consumers of the encroaching complexity of modern technology in our homes and lives. The landscape has shifted radically and quickly, and we have changed with it. Since we’re living in this landscape, it may seem as though we’ve collectively mastered the technology game, and that we just generally understand how to produce drop-dead simple products that tame the chaos of technological advancement.

But those of us who build products and services—those who are behind the facade of simplicity in the murky, muddy trenches of corporations, consultancies, and start-ups—are reminded of that complexity and confusion every day. Most of our product development processes are arcane and reflect outdated ways of…read more
By Jon Kolko