Psychology and Power of Closure Experiences

Posted by Joe Macleod |06 Nov 15 |

November 6, 2015

Face it, all your projects are eventually going to die and you haven’t even designed the ending. In a world flooded with new apps, services, and products can we really assume that the design we’re working on won’t be killed off in the evolutionary cycle of the next big thing? We blindly focus on creating a user experience for the onboarding and usage of a product or service and overlook the off-boarding.

Not only does this create waste and clutter in physical and digital service landscapes, it leaves the customer in a state of ambiguity that overlooks the importance the brain assigns to the end of an experience. 

Our memories are captured through our senses into a working memory, which ascribes meaning to what we are experiencing. This working memory will be assembled somewhere in the prefrontal lobe of the brain. The brain will then dispose of distracting information from the memory, similar to file compression on a computer. This process also converts that short-term…read more
By Joe Macleod