Apply Empathy Within Your Organization:An excerpt from Practical Empathy explains how to make change on the inside

Posted by Indi Young |18 Feb 15 |

February 18, 2015

Each organization exists for a purpose: to bring something to the world, make it available to people, and enable those people to capitalize upon it. Many organizations exist to also make
 a profit. Whether for profit or not, all organizations seek to sustain themselves, so they can continue bringing their things to the world.

Within each organization, there is usually a healthy awareness of the purpose, as well as a focus on being sustainably successful.

Organizations Focus on Both Success and Support

  • Success: Enable the organization to continue achieving its purpose, which might be defined by profit, membership, giving, respect, invitations, or other metrics. An organization might change directions repeatedly in order to sustain itself.
  • Support: Help people inside or outside the organization achieve their purposes; e.g., obtain what is needed, make better decisions, understand choices, enjoy…read more
    By Indi Young