How to Perform Your Own Lean Mobile Usability Testing

Posted by Greg Nudelman |24 Jun 15 |

June 24, 2015

You have a great idea for an app or a new feature for your responsive website. Yet your company doesn’t have the bandwidth or research budget to test it through “official channels,” or worse, your client doesn’t believe in testing altogether.

But don’t give up! You can get all of the tremendous benefits of customer feedback by doing your own lean mobile usability testing with 10-15 potential customers per day for about $20. This article will show you how.

Over 15 years ago, Steve Krug wrote Don’t Make Me Think!—a seminal book on usability testing in which he stated, “I believe strongly that everyone … can—and should—be doing their own testing.” Yet to this day, many teams don’t do their own testing, test too late in the design process, or release most features without doing user testing at all.

I believe the reasons for this avoidance are the three insidious “usability testing myths”—myths you…read more
By Greg Nudelman