6 Rules for Staying Objective in the Testing Phase

Posted by Gina McDuffie |06 Apr 15 |

April 6, 2015

Sometimes the biggest problem people face during the product development process is falling in love. So much of the development phase is spent isolated from outside perspectives that developers and marketers often find it difficult to divorce their personal feelings about a product from its actual viability in the market.

This is natural, of course. It’s human nature to get invested in something you are close to. But this attachment can spell disaster, which is why the testing phase is vital in the design process. It gives those involved a chance to take off the love goggles and evaluate a product from a more objective perspective.

This testing phase has the potential to take a product destined for failure and turn it into a success—but only if the people driving its development know how to effectively test a…read more
By Gina McDuffie