Let Users Drive Cross-Platform Design

Posted by Emma Lindahl |02 Mar 15 |

March 2, 2015

The word of the day driving cross-platform design seems to be consistency. Responsive design has enabled designers and builders all around the world to create digital experiences that adapt to your screen of choice. Whether it’s mobile-first or a desktop experience adapted to a smaller screen, the result becomes very much the same.

There is actually a part of this “same” that is important, and another part that isn’t—at least if you’re opting for the user perspective. When it comes to responsive design, availability is a key driving factor. Or, as Dr. Susan Weinschenk wrote in a 2013 article, “Unless you are sure that your target audience is visiting your website sitting in front of a large desktop all alone in a quiet space most of the time, you need to think about a multi-screen, active experience.” True that.

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By Emma Lindahl