Overcoming the Agile/UCD Divide

Posted by Danny Bluestone |24 Nov 15 |

Agile and UCD are two high ideals that revolve around processes. But sometimes they seem to be at odds with each other. This week, author Danny Bluestone attempts to bridge the gap between agile development, and user-centered design.

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5 Elements of Omni-Channel User Experiences

Posted by Danny Bluestone |30 Jun 15 |

June 30, 2015

Two years ago, Forbes declared the future of digital commerce as omni-channel. If you have a website and a customer service phone line, you are already a multi-channel business. But what is omni-channel, as opposed to cross-channel, and what implications does it have on your UX strategy?

Cross-channel experiences describe customers who use different channels for engagement with a product or service. Omni-channel extends cross-channel engagements so the experience ‘loops’ continuously across channels in-line with the customer’s motivation and habits. With Omni-channel experiences, the customer may use multiple channels at the same time.

The need for omni-channel UX has arisen because connected consumers are now interacting with brands in evermore varied and unpredictable ways,…read more
By Danny Bluestone