Use Your UX Skills on the Inside:Becoming an agent of change in your organization

Posted by Becky Reed |17 Feb 15 |

February 17, 2015

Jane wants change. Jane wants more specific project goals, influenced by more research. She wants to design beyond where she typically feels caged. Rarely does she feel like she’s sending goal-meeting, user-loving, outcomes-achieving stuff out into a very deserving universe.

Jane gathers an audience to pitch some ideas on changing things organizationally to help fix this. She walks into a cold room, blurts out facts around how logical her ideas are, peppering in some emotional anecdotes. She speaks out into the darkness of a silent room. 10 slides later, one stakeholder makes a binary statement about considering her ideas and balancing them with other priorities. Jane thanks her “1 shot” group and takes the slog of sadness back to her cube, lamenting that her organization will never change….read more
By Becky Reed