Stop Sprinkling Emotion, Start Creating Magic and Meaning

Posted by Amanda O'Grady |09 Jun 15 |

June 9, 2015

I love Zappos. My UPS driver and I are friends and I feel no shame in ordering several shoe options—often in multiple sizes. When I think about why I feel deeply loyal, why Zappos makes me smile, and why I use their app as often as I do, it’s not because of the caped squirrel that carries my selections into my shopping cart.

Zappos squirrel

Maybe the squirrel gives me a deeper sense of Zappos’ personality, but my delight as a customer comes from free overnight shipping, a massive selection of shoes, and VIP treatment without judgment when I return a lot of what I order. Truly meaningful emotional connection requires more than a sprinkling of emotional delighters.

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By Amanda O’Grady